Applications for the 2023 GCRLE Grants are closed. Stay tuned for announcement of awardees in February!


The GCRLE Grants are open to researchers based at both national and international accredited academic and nonprofit research institutions.

Funded by The Bia-Echo Foundation annually, the GCRLE is awarding scholars with grants that will give them the infrastructure and network which will enable them to pursue collaboration across disciplines and institutions. Additional technical and scientific support is available through the Bioinformatics core and Reproductive Biology Hub based at the Buck Institute’s Center for Reproductive Longevity and Equality, where discoveries made by the grantees may soon in turn provide foundational expertise for future scholars in this field.


Senior Faculty Awards are to support established investigators who are thought leaders in their fields and are recognized for substantial contributions of creative and productive research. We will seek to complement other major funders of research by placing emphasis on projects that may not be supported by traditional sources because of their perceived novelty or high risk, or because the investigator is moving into female reproductive aging from a different research area.


Junior Faculty Awards are to support newly independent investigators with outstanding promise when they are establishing their own labs and are malleable in the direction of their research. These awards will allow bright young scientists to pursue bold ideas when they are at their most scientifically creative.


Pilot Awards are to foster innovative collaborative or novel research projects that have the potential for high impact and high reward at an accelerated rate. These awards will allow collection of preliminary data to apply for larger grants.


Postdoctoral Fellowships are to increase the number of imaginative, well-trained junior scientists who will form the next generation of reproductive aging researchers. These awards will facilitate our efforts to build the field and provide both training and networking opportunities for trainees.