Reproductive Biology Hub Protocols

This webpage offers two core features:

Recommended Resources: This section offers a valuable starting point for those new to the field. While these resources are not developed by us, they are nonetheless trusted guides for anyone embarking on their research journey in this domain. Please note that these protocols have not been thoroughly vetted and results may vary.

Detailed Experimental Protocols: Highly detailed, thoroughly vetted protocols for specific experiments, developed by our GCRLE and Reproductive Biology Hub core teams. Each protocol meets publication-quality standards. The goal of these resources is to provide in-depth, rigorously sourced instructions that everyone can replicate to the letter.


 The Reproductive biology Hub is a first-of-its-kind core facility at the Buck Institute to provide experimental support and training in reproductive biology. For information on services and collaborations, contact Bikem Soygur, PhD at

Recommended Resources

A Roadmap for Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Intact Mouse Ovary | Soygur et al, 2023

Methods for whole-mount immunofluorescence, clearing, imaging, and analysis of whole ovarian tissue in 3D throughout murine development and aging

Recapitulating folliculogenesis and oogenesis outside the body: encapsulated in vitro follicle growth | Converse et al, 2023

Details a alginate hydrogel-based encapsulated in vitro follicle growth (eIVFG) system for use growing mouse ovarian follicles

Generation and assessment of high-quality mouse oocytes and embryos following nicotinamide mononucleotide administration | Miao et al, 2021 - A protocol to obtain high-quality oocytes and embryos from aged mice by nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) administration. Also provides culture and fluorescence-based evaluation techniques. 

 Curated Protocols

Stay tuned for full, detailed reproductive biology protocols curated and written by our Hub team and solicited from experts in the field